Therapy E Serum

039.TherapyESerum.recroppedConsidered an antioxidant super star, Vitamin E is a potent soothing ingredient with rejuvenating properties. It is an antioxidant, hydrator, and humectant. Vitamin E also has absorbing and moisturizing benefits as well as natural preservative properties because it protects against oxidation. Therapy E Serum is a light serum that glides easily onto skin and absorbs quickly. One of our simple gems that any skin can use.

All Skin Types – All Skin Conditions

Apply several drops to clean, dry skin; may be added to other serums and creams for additional support. In the treatment room, Therapy E Serum may be used to add nutrition to the skin after an enzyme exfoliation or AHA treatment; it may also be added to masks and other nutrients to increase skin benefits.

Therapy E Serum
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