All-New VelaShape III Body Contouring Treatment

VelaShape III Body Contouring NYCThe Optimal Body Contouring Device

VelaShape III is the perfect, non-surgical answer for treating those ‘problem areas’ that cause women to feel so displeased about their body image.

VelaShape III is a unique, easy to use, no downtime, comfortable, deep therapeutic body contouring treatment that delivers enhanced clinical protocols with consistent results that can be reproduced time after time.

Enhanced Clinical Protocols Optimal

360° Circumferential Reduction

  • Full Abdominal Treatment
  • Targets fat cells
  • Increases tone and firmness in treated area
  • Less treatments needed to see results

Deep Mode (For Localized Fat Reduction)

  • Treats the thighs, buttocks, and stomach area
  • Targets fat cells
  • Increases tone and firmness in area
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Less treatments needed to see results

The Science Behind VelaShape III Body Contouring Technology

VelaShape III Mechanism of Laser Action

Powered by elōs technology, VelaShape III combines IR (infrared), bi-polar RF (radiofrequency) and vacuum to precisely heat the tissue up to 3mm and 15mm depth respectively.

The combination of IR and vacuum coupled RF technologies causes deep heating of the fat cells (adipocytes), their surrounding connective fibrous septae and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. Efficient heating of the adipocytes is achieved by higher output of the RF. The optimal design of the electrodes and the concurrent application of vacuum allows for deeper and faster heat penetration. In turn, this promotes an increase in circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and collagen depositing. Furthermore, it stimulates fibroblast activity and remodels the extracellular matrix.
RESULT: A localized reduction in skin laxity, volume and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

VelaShape non-invasive body contouring

Frequently Asked VelaShape III Contouring Questions

What causes cellulite?

There is no definite explanation for why cellulite occurs. While it may be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, there may be other causes, including genetics or hormonal changes.

How quickly will I notice a change after VelaShape?

You will begin to notice gradual improvement of the treated area right away as your skin’s surface starts to feel smoother and firmer. Over time you will also notice a smaller circumference throughout the treated area as well as a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

How many treatments will I need?

You have the option to undergo as little as three treatments but the average woman needs a package of 5 sessions depending on age and lifestyle . Talk to your VelaShape provider about which option is best for you.

Is VelaShape safe?

The VelaShape treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. There are no reported short-term or long-term side effects.

How does VelaShape work?

VelaShape uses a combination of technologies:

  • A vacuum elevates the target tissue, bringing it closer to the energy source
  • Infrared light (IR) directly heats the targeted area
  • Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy safely guides heat evenly throughout the targeted area, so that it heats faster without damaging the skin

These energies combine to deep-heat fat cells and the surrounding tissue. The result is a smaller circumference and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Are VelaShape treatments painful?

Most patients find VelaShape comfortable and describe the treatment as feeling like a warm deep-tissue massage. The treatment parameters are easily adjusted to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours after your treatment. Some patients report a pinkish appearance at the treatment area that may last a few hours post treatment, and skin may appear pink for several hours. Also, depending on the individual, bruising and soreness may occur.

Are the results permanent?

Following your treatment regimen, it is recommended that you periodically receive maintenance VelaShape treatments. Like all techniques, invasive or non-invasive, results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regimen.

What makes the latest VelaShape III treatments  more effective?

Treatment sessions are now shorter, and you can see results faster than ever. Some patients now report visible results after their second visit.