What is elos?


ELOS stands for Electro-Optical Synergy, a revolutionary technology that safely and effectively combines optical energy (laser or pulsed light) with electrical energy (radio frequencies) to treat a large number of skin conditions for both women and men.  Unlike treatments of the past, elos can directly target the treatment area without adversely affecting the surrounding tissues.


In the past, laser treatments used only optical energy.  If you’ve ever used a flashlight, you know how light energy moves – it spreads out evenly in all directions from its source.  This characteristic of light caused a number of issues in patients receiving these treatments:

  1. Too much energy was absorbed by surrounding tissues, causing collateral damage and unwanted side effects (usually to the epidermis and dermis).
  2. The target area wouldn’t receive enough energy to attain the maximum benefits because the energy would spread out evenly.

Did you ever see a movie where a guy is firing a machine gun, swinging it back and forth as he shoots at everything in sight?  That’s how these treatments worked – dangerous, messy, and out-of-control.  They didn’t have the focus to target specific areas with precision.

Now picture a cowboy shooting an empty can off a fencepost with one clean shot.  That’s elos – clean, targeted, and precise.  By adding radio frequencies to the treatment, along with methods for cooling and monitoring the skin’s temperature, elos is able to target specific areas within the skin and minimize collateral damage to surrounding tissues.

Another problem with these treatments was their effectiveness.  If you point your flashlight at someone standing one foot away from you, it will reflect back far brighter than if that person was standing five or ten feet from you.  This happens because the intensity of light gradually dissipates as it travels away from its source.  This property of light caused yet another drawback to these treatments because the light’s intensity could only travel as far as the dermis, and couldn’t reach the subcutaneous layer beneath.  Additionally, these treatments couldn’t reach the level of intensity needed to achieve maximum results because of the potential for damage to other tissues.  ELOS solved all of these problems by adding conducted radiofrequencies (RF) into the mix.

There are also some treatments, like Titan for example, that use only radiofrequencies and no light energies.  Radiofrequencies uncoupled by light energy create a monowave, which is hard to control and very risky.   By combining radiofrequency with light energy, elos achieves a bipolar wave, which is more effective and easier to control, with less risks than treatments that use only radiowaves.  The next section describes exactly how this is done.

elos technologie


ELOS technology is a three step process designed to maximize results while minimizing discomfort and side effects:

how elos works

STEP 1:  The process begins the moment the elos applicator touches the skin.  It instantly begins cooling the epidermis, and continues to do so throughout the treatment.  This cooling provides a more pleasant experience for the client while simultaneously minimizing collateral damage to the epidermis.

STEP 2:  The next step is to preheat the target area using optical energy (light).  Each of our six elos treatments utilizes a specific wavelength (or range of wavelengths) to achieve maximum results in the desired target area while minimizing collateral damage in the surrounding tissues.  The light energy converts to heat in the target area, which simultaneously lowers its electrical resistance and raises its conductivity.

STEP 3:  The final step in the process is to introduce radio frequencies (RF) to the target area.  RF current, like all other electrical energies, always travels along the path of least resistance (or higher conductivity).  Since we lowered the resistance of the target areas in the previous step (and raised its conductivity), the RF currents will now collect in these areas and cause further thermal injury while avoiding the surrounding areas.  This additional thermal impact is necessary to cause the desired effects of the treatments, such as causing follicles to stop growing hair, collagen fibers to have structural changes, or vascular lesions to fade.

The radio current also provides a method for measuring the temperature in the dermis, allowing therapists an additional tool for maximizing client comfort while minimizing (and in many cases eliminating) the harmful side effects that were common in older treatments.


Click on any of the links below to view a complete description of each elos treatment and the issues it corrects, or find them in our menu bar above as you discover the many additional services and treatments we offer.  Now that you understand how elos works, you’re ready to discover the many amazing ways that the White Tea Med Spa can help you improve both your appearance and your life! 

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