What is cellulite?

To read about cellulite and how it forms, please click here.

What is trapped fat?

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What can VelaShape do for women?

VelaShape can help women achieve the following goals:

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Trapped Fat Reduction
  • Circumferential Reduction
  • Body Contouring
  • Body After Baby
  • Pre/Post Liposuction Treatments

On what areas of the body can women use VelaShape?

Women can receive VelaShape treatments to improve the appearance of the abdomen, hips (“saddle bags”), love handles, buttocks, upper arms, inner and/or outer thighs, and the area above the knees.

What can VelaShape do for men?

VelaShape can help men achieve the following goals:

  • Trapped Fat Reduction
  • • Circumferential Reduction
  • • Body Contouring
  • • Relief of Muscle Aches and Spasms
  • Pre/Post Liposuction Treatments

On what areas of the body can men use VelaShape?

Men can receive VelaShape treatments to improve the appearance of the abdomen, hips (“love handles”), lower back, and the front and/or back of the thighs.

How many sessions will I need?

Though some clients may start seeing good results after just four sessions, a minimum of six sessions is always needed to achieve maximimum results. Some clients may need more than six sessions to achieve their goals. The total number of sessions required varies for each client depending upon their individual needs, goals, and current body state. Your therapist will discuss all of this and more at your free consultation.

How quickly will I notice a change?

Many clients see results in circumferential reduction and an improvement in the texture of the skin’s surface after the second session. Other results, like cellulite reduction, will take longer, and are more dependent upon the physical condition of each individual client. Results will be most noticeable 6-8 weeks after the final treatment of the initial series.

How many inches can I reduce from my circumference?

In clinical studies, patients lost an average of one inch per treatment series. The range of circumferential reduction was anywhere from half an inch (.5”) to three inches (3”).

How do I improve and maintain the VelaShape results?

Following your initial treatment series, it is recommended that you receive periodic maintenance treatments. Most clients receive an introductory maintenance schedule of one session every two weeks, then graduate to one session per month, before finally reaching point where they need only one session every 2-3 months. The recommended schedule of maintenance treatments varies for each client, and depends upon a few factors: how quickly their results plateau, how long their results last between treatments, their individual body goals, and their body type. Like all non-surgical or surgical techniques, results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Can I do other treatments and/or exercise while using VelaShape?

Yes. Consult with your therapist and/or doctor first, but most people can combine VelaShape treatments with the following activities to see enhanced results:

  • other body shaping treatments (like Endermologie)
  • other skin tightening treatments (like Refirme)
  • fitness and/or diet programs
  • liposuction procedures (as pre- and post-surgery treatments)

Can everyone use VelaShape?

The majority of the population can receive VelaShape treatments. However, those with certain illnesses and/or health conditions cannot. Please call White Tea Med Spa at 212-647-8919 to find out if you qualify as a candidate, or consult with your doctor.

Is the VelaShape treatment safe?

The FDA has approved and cleared the device as safe and effective for all skin types and colors.

Are there any side effects?

Short term effects can include mild bruising or redness. There is also a risk for mild, superficial burns in a very small percentage of the population, but these are exceedingly rare. If you have any concerns, please be sure to ask your therapist during your free consultation.

What is the feeling during treatment? Does it hurt?

Most patients find VelaShape treatments comfortable – like a warm deep tissue massage. The treatment is designed to accommodate your sensitivity and comfort level.

How will I feel after treatment?

It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours post treatment. Your skin may also appear redder than usual for several hours.

What are the advantages of VelaShape compared to other methods?

VelaShape the only non-surgical medical device cleared by the FDA. Additionally, VelaShape is also the only treatment available that features elos technology, the highly effective combination of bi-polar radiofrequencies, infrared Light, vacuum, and mechanical massage. No other method provides clinically proven results, efficacy and safety in just 6 treatments like VelaShape. It is the next generation of treatments – right here, right now.

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