Makeup Services

A makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, Bryan Cantor holds over 10 years of experience in his field.  Over  the years, he has done makeup applications for photo shoots, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, fashion shows, music videos, advertisements, and more.  He now brings his impressive knowledge of makeup products, application techniques, and professional tips and secrets to White Tea Med Spa and its clients with an extensive menu of new makeup services.

Wedding ParTEA

Bridal Makeup

The saying “memories are forever” is never more appropriate than on your wedding day.  It’s the most important day of your life, and you shouldn’t leave anything to chance – especially not your makeup!  The last thing you want to show your grandkids is how your mascara streaked at the ceremony.
Go with a sure thing and put Bryan in charge of everyone’s faces.  Book your wedding date at your free consultation, and then schedule makeup trials for as many members of your wedding parTEA as you’d like.  At the makeup trial, Bryan will work out your look and your guests’ looks to ensure that everyone is tear-proof and camera-ready.
If you have too many guests for one artist to handle, Bryan works with a number of professional makeup artists on a regular basis, and can call in reinforcements to ensure that even the largest party is covered.
You have enough planning to worry about, so put your mind at ease with Bryan’s expert skills and experience.  By the time your makeup trial is over, you’ll be just as certain about how good you’ll look as you are about your future partner.
3 person minimum on date of actual event.
$250 deposit due before trial, good towards wedding day.

Prices do not include travel expenses, taxes, or gratuiTEAs.
Clients may arrange to have full-sized makeup products purchased prior to their appointment
for a flat $50 fee, plus the cost of the makeup.


”I Feel PretTEA”      

Makeup Application
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you really don’t want lipstick on your teeth.  Let Bryan make your memories worth remembering with an expert makeup application.  Whether a first date, birthday or office party, special event, formal affair, or even just a night out with friends, Bryan will work with you to create and apply a perfect, camera-ready look for the occasion.  And just in case you want to wear your look again, a video of the application will be posted online for you to watch as many times as you like.

Prices do not include travel expenses, taxes, or gratuiTEAs.



False Eyelash Application
Prices include the cost of eyelashes

Prices do not include taxes, or gratuiTEAs.


BeauTEA School

Makeup Lessons
2 Hours Per Class
Are you overwhelmed by all of the makeup products out there?  Still have that unwrapped brush you bought 3 months ago, but you still don’t know what to do with it?  Or, maybe you just want to know how to recreate that look you saw in your favorite magazine.

With a variety of classes addressing different topics of interest, Bryan can solve your makeup mystery and give you the answers you seek. And now, for the first time ever, he is offering one-on-one classes to teach you all you ever wanted to know and more about makeup.

If you don’t see what you need in the class list, Bryan will create custom classes, as well!  Just call White Tea Med Spa and tell him what you’d like to learn, and he’ll design a class to specifically address your concerns such as:


Group rates and specially priced packages are available.
Prices do not include travel expenses, taxes, or gratuiTEAs.


BeauTEA Consultant

Makeup Advisement
Are your cosmetics overtaking your bathroom?  Do you get panic attacks at makeup counters?  As your personal makeup shopper, Bryan will come to your rescue and clear your cosmetic clutter.  He’ll evaluate everything in your cosmetic closet to tell you what should go, what should stay, and what you need for cosmetic completion.  He’ll even go shopping to get you the perfect products, colors, and tools to make you picture perfect every day.

Prices do not include travel expenses, taxes, or gratuiTEAs.