Your Post Baby Body

Many postpartum women worry about when and if their bodies will ever go back to the shape and size they were before their little bundle of joy did a number on their figures. Unless you have incredible genes and a lot of extra help taking care of your baby, it is unlikely that your body will bounce right back to your pre-baby weight right away, it takes some work and some time. Many women struggle with this and try to do whatever they can to bring back their pre-baby bodies, but the problem with that is this: when you have a tiny baby to tend to 24 hours a day, your own needs usually take a backseat to the needs of your little one. This is called being a good mother, and good mothers don’t always have the extra time to fit in constant workouts and serious diet planning.


Many women develop cellulite during pregnancy as a result of hormones and increased weight gain, and cellulite is more difficult to remove than just weight in general. A lot of women gain weight all over during pregnancy, but cellulite is very common to build up on their thighs.

Fortunately, with services such as Endermologie, your technician can focus on facilitating the baby weight loss. Endermologie works by efficiently targeting the areas that are generally not very responsive to diet or conventional exercise, such as post baby weight. In a safe and noninvasive way, Endermologie will target on the connective tissue beneath the dermis where the cellulite originates. Combined with healthy eating and as much exercise as new mothers can get (light exercise can typically begin within two weeks of giving birth), Endermologie can be of great assistance.

Endermologie can help to remove excess water weight retained during pregnancy, which is something most all mothers have. Along with increasing your metabolism, Endermologie will help smooth out the irregularities in your skin, leaving you with a more even appearance. On top of that, if the baby was born by a C Section, Endermologie can help eliminate the swelling over the possible scar, but you should usually wait about three months before targeting that.

Don’t forget that Endermologie can be a very relaxing treatment, so if you can find some time in your busy schedule being a new mom, come relax at White Tea Med Spa, and let our technicians help your body back to where you want it to be! If you are not a new mom but know someone who is struggling in the baby weight loss department, let them know about our services or surprise them with a gift card today! Give us a call!

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