Whose Hands are Those? The Woman Behind the Treatment: Ivana Stevanovic

The Profile of Ivana Stevanovic



Ivana has two children. Her son lives in Serbia and works as a business manager in finance. Her Daughter lives in Mexico and works in communications and mass media with a daughter of her own. Ivana’s granddaughter in Mexico motivates her to travel there as often as she can.


Ivana believes it is her love of sports that has kept her young from the inside out. From rowing to gymnastics, to biking, to ballet, to tennis- there is little that Ivana has not done. Although she is not currently involved in these sports, Ivana fills her time with a lot of reading. She enjoys geography, history, and mystery fiction.


Ivana, licensed esthetician and massage therapist, is no stranger to skin care. In fact, it is safe to say that it runs in her blood. Born in Serbia, Ivana was exposed to skin care at a very early age. Her mother and aunt owned a salon where Ivana worked from the young age of 15. Excelling in school, her grades placed her in the field of economy where she worked for 18 years. Ivana went to school in Serbia to become a skin care specialist, and held a second job working in her family’s salon performing facials.

In 2003, Ivana moved to Long Island with the initial thought of securing a job in finance, sales, or real estate; all of which she had been doing full time in Serbia. With the competitive nature of New York and the fear of her age and imperfect English, Ivana decided to pursue a career in skin care instead. She attended the Long Island Nail and Skin Care Institute in 2003 shortly after she arrived to the US, and was licensed within five and a half months. “It was during this time, that I realized I was always meant to be working with skin. I was born for it,” Ivana says with such conviction. Becoming impatient and eager to begin her career in NY, she doubled up her classes allowing her to graduate in such a short period of time.

Her passion is unforgettable and so inspiring. Standing out from the rest of her class, Ivana was highly recommended by the institute to work for Simply Spa in January of 2004, and in what felt like the blink of an eye, her career had begun. When The White Tea Med Spa had taken the Simply Spa’s place in October of 2006, Ivana was immediately offered a position.

With the entrance of The White Tea Med Spa, came the introduction of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light.) Ivana says she was “scared, at first, of laser treatments,” and was hesitant to become certified to perform them, especially on the face. “Lasers are so powerful, and it was out of my comfort zone to use anything but my own hands,” Ivana confessed.

Her initial fears of IPL are amusing to me, because when I asked what her favorite treatment to perform is, guess what her answer was: Trinity IPL (made up of Refirme, Matrix, and Fotofacial) which is composed of all IPL treatments! She says that the combination of the three has produced significant- and quick- results in her clients that even impress her! Owning this as her specialty, her enthusiasm for IPL services made me want to book an appointment right there!

If you have the opportunity to receive a treatment from Ivana, count yourself lucky. Her immense expertise in all aspects of the skin is hard to find; and her passion is contagious. To schedule an appointment, call 212-647-8919.

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