Our Top Technologies for Skin Tightening

White Tea Med Spa prides itself on having the latest in radio frequency and infrared skin tightening treatments. These technologies allow anyone, young or old, to take advantage of fresher, tighter skin without invasive surgeries or painful lasers.

Matrix IR and ReFirme are two low impact skin tightening treatments for the face that help with toning and removing the appearance of loose skin.

Why Skin Tightening Treatments?

As our bodies age, the natural collagen-building process that keeps our skin tight and smooth begins to slow down. Exposure to the sun, smoking, and other factors can further cause damage to the dermal layers, creating wrinkles and sagging to compound the effects of aging.

Choosing one of these top tightening procedures will help reverse the effects of aging and stimulate new growth of collagen to help with skin toning naturally. No invasive skin removal or injections needed to plump things up. Plus, these small scale treatments are designed to work on specific problem areas such as crow’s feet and creases around the nose and mouth, so patients get a targeted, individualized treatment each and every time.

The Technology

White Tea Med Spa offers both Matrix IR and ReFirme skin firming treatments for the face. Both of these technologies utilize highly developed Elos technology to combine both light and radio waves for collagen stimulation.

Elos is a combination of electrical and optical stimulation that first warms the skin and opens pores, and then gently restructures existing collagen cells to make room for new growth. As the dermal layers are reactivated and begin to rebuild themselves naturally, toning takes place over the course of several weeks.

The Treatment Course

Matrix IR and ReFirme differ from other skin tightening procedures in a number of ways. First, they are far more effective than topical creams and other over-the-counter toning methods. However, they do require multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. Typically a dermatologist will do a consultation to determine how many treatments each area will take. Generally, three to six treatments that are spaced three to four weeks apart are required. This gives skin the time it needs to actually replace old collagen cells after stimulation, before the next treatment takes place. Some patients report seeing an immediate difference in their skin, but typically results will start to show one to two weeks after the initial treatment when the body has ramped up collagen production.

Who Can Benefit from the Treatments?

Skin-firming treatments for the face are typically designed for people between the ages of 30 and 60 whose skin has begun showing the effects of aging. Fortunately, both Matrix IR and ReFirme show strong results even for people who have spotting, discoloration, acne scarring and other skin conditions.

While these treatments are designed specifically to reduce wrinkles and improve toning around the face and neck, many patients report that their overall skin health improves dramatically and that their skin tone is more even after treatment.

Side Effects

One of the most notable advances made in skin-toning technology is that the recovery time for facial treatments is now almost nonexistent. In the past, laser skin treatments would cause burning sensations, peeling and other negative side effects that took several days to recover from.

With Matrix IR and ReFirme, a patient can have their treatment performed over their lunch break and go straight back to work. There is no burning of the epidermis or other damage to the skin, and it is a pain-free procedure. Most patients report that their skin feels warm after treatment due to the infrared light, but it is not a painful burn, as can occur with laser treatments.

Lasting Effects

After completing a successful treatment course, most dermatologists expect results for both Matrix IR and ReFirme to last one to two years. Following the final treatment, the patient’s body will continue to stimulate new collagen at an enhanced rate for several weeks until it levels off again. These will be the final results that will last until another full treatment course is recommended.

The Cost

Anyone who is interested in toning their skin with Elos technology will be wondering about the cost of treatments.

The good news is that a single session treatment with Matrix IR is only about $100 per area. Depending on how many treatments are required, and the number of specific areas that are to be treated, this means the patient cost will typically be between $600-$2400 for the full course.

ReFirme pricing is structured a little bit differently with a full-facial treatment being $325 and a neck treatment being $275. Patients who choose ReFirme can still expect 3-6 treatments so depending on which area is being treated, this could mean $825-$3600 for the full course of treatment.

White Tea Med Spa

The professionals at White Tea Med Spa will consult with you to determine which treatment would be best for you. Please contact us to set up a consultation today!

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