White Tea Med Spa – Laser Hair Removal and Why it’s the Best Option!

So the holidays are approaching and that means one thing – holiday parties.  Maybe it’s an office party, a family party, or just a night out with the girls for some Christmas cheer.  Whatever it may be, you’re probably rushing around shopping for the perfect little red dress to wear, and with so many fun options and styles out there, you are sure to find something that screams class, elegance but a tad sexy as well, something that shows off just the right amount of skin.

With that being said, we realize the importance of having smooth, hair-free skin. We certainly don’t want you performing a last minute quick shave, leaving little nicks and cuts on your skin.  We also don’t want you shaving for a party on a Friday and having to do it again two nights later.  This is why we recommend laser hair removal here at White Tea Med Spa.


Thanks to new advancements and elos technology, combining IPL (optical energy) with radio frequencies (electrical energy), laser hair removal performed by our skilled technicians is effective for anyone, men and women alike, regardless of hair or skin color. On top of that, laser hair removal using elos technology takes half as long as other systems, requires less sessions (6-8 treatments per area may be necessary), and it removes even minimally pigmented hair on all skin types.

Call White Tea Med Spa today to schedule a personalized laser hair removal consultation today!

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