White Tea Med Spa has Gift Certificates!

Having trouble deciding on some holiday gifts? Well, worry no more!  Giving someone a gift certificate is a wonderful present because you’re letting the recipient choose what they want to spend the money on! Give someone a gift of relaxation, beauty, health, and wellness as they will be treated with the best care here at our luxurious spa.

spa giftcard

Here at White Tea Med Spa, we have such a large array of Med Spa services, Day Spa services, and products to choose from! When someone receives a gift certificate to our spa, it can be helpful for them to speak with our technicians about the best way to spend it! Everyone is unique in what services and products will work best for them.

Giving a gift certificate also allows someone to choose when to use it.  This takes the pressure off just booking an appointment for someone.  With schedules being so busy, especially around the holidays, it’s hard to squeeze in time for appointments and self-pampering. A gift card allows you to use it whenever you want!

So go ahead, visit us today and purchase your loved one a gift certificate to our spa! And while you’re at it, why don’t you pick up one of our luxury candles to wrap up alongside the gift certificate, or to light in your own living room while you relax before the whirlwind of holidays ensue!


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