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Happy day after National Wine Day! Who says wine needs to be celebrated only one day a year?! Interested in some characteristics other than wine’s delicious flavor, I turned to Marta Wohrle, founder of for a little encouragement (as if I needed it) to pour myself a glass – or two – without a thought of calories or an ounce of guilt. I am sure you’ll be happy to learn more about this multifaceted beverage, so grab your favorite vino and pull up a chair as Marta weighs in on ways wine can make you beautiful.

Marta Wohrle

Marta Wohrle

Wine (resveratrol)

The famed “French paradox” and Dr. Oz favorite is a powerful antioxidant found in red grape skins. However, there is one little wrinkle. Getting resveratrol into our bodies takes more than a swig of table wine with dinner. Studies have found that several hundred bottles are required to get enough resveratrol to age more slowly. That’s several hundred too many. But –  and here’s the good news –  when applied topically, it works (according to a 2008 study) by significantly inhibiting sun damage and enhancing skin thickness. Yay!


Beauty products with resveratrol

Arcona’s Wine Hydrating Mask ($38 in the shop). Wine extract is accompanied by resveratrol in this mask that leaves unhappy and irritated skin looking ready for the holidays. A favorite mask of mine, it also has omega 7-rich macadamia and black currant oil to promote healthy cell respiration and stimulate microcirculation.

Your Best Face Control ($160 in the shop). Resveratrol is joined by powerful free radical fighters, spin trap and Lipochroman-6. This does-it-all serum is also formulated to combat sagging skin and wrinkles with some impressive peptides. A best-seller with good reason.

As I have learned, there are more efficient ways of reaping the benefits found in red grape skins than munching on them with breakfast or having a glass of red wine with dinner; however, I will continue to savor each sip knowing that I am doing my body good!

Want to get to know wine on a deeper level? Check out this in depth article about the history of wine, its benefits, and how much is too much.

Cheers to a more beautiful you!

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