The Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Secret

Tonight is the night. The night when approximately 10 million men and woman will be glued to their televisions, wiping away the drool as the Victoria’s Secret Angels strut their stuff down the runway. And boy do they have stuff to strut! I often wonder if the models have walked right off the page of a photo- shopped advertisement and onto my television screen; however, this perfection is more than camera tricks, ladies and gentlemen. No matter how many filters I put my selfies through on Instagram, I doubt that I would ever be mistaken for an angel. So how on earth do they do it? How do they maintain this appearance after life (and babies) has taken its toll? Although I do not have their exact recipe, I can tell you one component for sure: Endermologie and VelaShape.

That is correct. The infamous Victoria’s Secret Angels use Endermologie and VelaShape to perfect their physique. To the unbelievers who have doubted the effectiveness of these treatments, I ask, “If it is good enough for an angel, it has got to be good enough for anyone else, right?” Right! I do not know about you, but I would be willing to give (almost) anything a try if it gave me hope of owning just a piece of their beauty.

As a refresher, I have outlined the benefits of Endermologie and VelaShape below. After these treatments, you will wow everyone in that little black dress at the holiday party and be ahead of the game when bikini season arrives! It is a win-win! Call 212-647-8919 to schedule a free consultation with a certified specialist today.


Benefits of Endermologie and VelaShape:

1)      Cellulite reduction

2)      Lifted skin

3)      Increased circulation

4)      Lymphatic drainage

5)      Smoother and firmer skin

6)      Accelerated metabolization of fat

7)      Stronger defined body contours

8)      Elimination of toxins from the body

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  1. Daniellle says:

    Wow, this was interesting and inspirational! I have been doing Velashape and Endermologie todgether, and I must admit its made a difference not only to my body, it’s made me feel better about myself psychologically! Knowing that there is something out there that can help has made my out look on other people and myself a lot better! Since I have stuck to completing my treatments and kept up with a good diet and excerise program I have been in a much happier place! And looking better too! Thanks for confirming that what I’m doing for myself is a good thing!

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