Velashape – Orange Peel Cellulite


Though it’s true that cellulite is less visible with a tan, be careful not to get too “orange” trying to hide your “orange peel.” Exposure to UV rays from the sun can actually reduce the elasticity of your skin and make your cellulite problem even worse! Additionally, though many self tanners claim to be “streak free”, even the best of the best can pool in dimples and wrinkles caused by cellulite. If not applied carefully, this can create an uneven tan that makes your dimples look even deeper! Your best bets for erasing your “orange peel” without the risk of turning orange are Velashape and Endermologie at the White Tea Med Spa. By using light and radio-frequencies combined with massage, these treatments restore circulation and drain all of the fluids trapped under the skin that cause cellulite. Instead of just camouflaging the problem, they actually correct it! WOW!

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