VelaShape III vs Sculpture and CoolSculpting.

Ever since 2008, body sculpting, in general, has taken a prominent role in the fight against cellulite, circumference and skin tightening. As the popularity of different body sculpting procedures increased, the different types of technology employed improved.

Of course, this means that anyone interested in body sculpting today is faced with a plethora of choices. For example, would you rather go with the highly accredited and acclaimed VelaShape III procedure or take the Sculpture/CoolSculpture route? Are these procedures all the same or is one more suited than the other in cellulite and skin tightening matters?

The science behind body sculpting and fat reduction.

What many need to understand is that fat reduction is different than losing weight. The fat cells we have in our bodies can never be lost. At least not naturally. Whereas we can gain and lose weight, we can never reduce the number of fat cells we have within us. We can, however, make them smaller. You see, when you gain weight, the fat cells you have get larger. The flip side of this coin is also true; they get smaller when you lose weight. That is where body sculpting comes into play.

Differences between VelaShape III and Sculpture.

VelaShape III and Sculpture are just two of the many available body sculpting options in the market today. Both these procedures are FDA approved. But are they similar or is one much more suited for you than the other? To answer this, it is best to first look at the similarities and differences of the procedures in question. With that information, you can clearly determine which one is the best for you based on your particular needs.


– Uses a 1060nm diode laser

– FDA approved and does destroy fat cells

– It is NOT FDA approved for skin tightening procedures

– It is distinctively painful due to the high heat used

Even though Sculpture can be used to reduce the number of fat cells within your body, it cannot be used to make your skin tighter. So, as much as this procedure will succeed in making you appear thinner, you may still end up with lose, unsightly skin.

VelaShape III

– Uses radio frequency, infrared and vacuum massage to reduce the size of fat cells

– It is FDA approved for the reduction of cellulite appearance, the circumference of your abdomen as well as thighs

– It is NOT painful

– Designed with skin tightening in mind

In our experience, most patients who go for body sculpturing procedures also want their bodies to look good. This means they do not want lose skin or cellulite still hanging about after they have gone through the necessary procedures. For that very reason, we will be honest with you here, VelaShape III is our preferred choice. And here is why:

With VelaShape III, you will not need any additional skin tightening or cellulite reduction as you would with Sculpture/CoolSculpture neither will you need and extra device to promote lymphatic drainage. In fact, VelaShape III is the device used by most specialists after they have put the patient through other sculpting procedures such as Sculpture, UltraShape Power, or CoolSculpting.

As things stand today, VelaShape III is the most preferred form of non-invasive body sculpturing treatment. The fact that it combines infrared, radio frequency waves and a vacuum to fight fat cells and raconteur the body with no downtime makes it perfect for clients who know exactly what they want. It is perfect for all skin hips, abdomen, buttocks and love handles. The included vacuum technology deeply manipulates your tissue to facilitate lymphatic drainage and increase circulation. This in turn firms up your skin.

As a non-invasive form of body sculpting, VelaShape III feels like a pleasant session of deep tissue massage. Although it takes about 3-6 treatment per area to get the best results, most people tend to see positive results after the very first treatment.

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