VelaShape for Saddlebags

“Saddlebags” got their unpleasant name from the similar resemblance to the saddlebags of horses. Saddlebags can form when your buttocks rests on your thighs, pushing the fat outward toward your hips. It can modify the pattern of fat deposits on your body, thus spreading it higher up. Many people have wide hips, but when they get to the point of protruding out, they are often classified as “saddlebags”, not to be confused with larger thighs. This can cause people to go on serious exercise and diet routines, pushing themselves to the point of real frustration and exhaustion. No one wants to have them, but unfortunately diet and exercise can’t always kill them, and people are left stressed and frustrated wondering what they can do to finally get rid of them.


Well, now that you know exactly what saddlebags are, let us tell you how we can help. Paired with the expertise of our skilled technicians and the remarkable work of our VelaShape technology, we can help target your saddlebags and reduce them once and for all.

VelaShape gives you the chance to contour your body, especially your saddlebags is without down time in a safe and non-invasive way.

Using a vacuum technique and specially designed rollers, VelaShape will smooth out your skin to support a secure and efficient heat energy delivery. This increases the metabolism of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage and lessens the size of fat cells and fat chambers, reducing the appearance of cellulite and dramatically reducing the area’s circumference. Your skin will appear tighter, slimmer, smoother and more toned, therefore reducing the size of your unwanted saddlebags.


There’s no reason to wait! Call us today and let us help you reduce those unwanted saddlebags right away!

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