VelaShape :: Even the Stars Are Doing it!

You’ve heard it many times. “No one is perfect!” While this is true, it’s hard to see gorgeous, cellulite free, celebrities all over your TV, internet, and in every magazine you open. Sometimes you might even catch yourself thinking “I wish I had that body!” or “I wish I looked like that!”

The truth is, even those so-called perfect celebrities aren’t always so perfect after all. Even the most gorgeous, toned, and fit models and Hollywood icons have cellulite and fat areas on their bodies. Sometimes these celebrities are so busy at events and in photoshoots that they don’t have time for constant exercise, but they know they need to look great. So what do they do? They opt for the remarkable, non-surgical, FDA-approved treatment…VelaShape!

Many starts are turning to VelaShape to help whip their bodies into beach-mode. They may even start treatments in advance of an event where they will be walking the red carpet and/or appear on TV.


VelaShape uses a brilliant mixture of both light and bi-polar radio frequency to heat the shallow and subcutaneous fat tissue that contributes to cellulite and fat, causing the cells to shrink. Also, mechanical rollers and vacuum suction are used to increase circulation and massage skin for a smoother look.  After a series of treatments, these celebrities can show off their thinner thighs and smooth, contoured figure that lasts for a long time, and even longer if maintained with diet and exercise. The best thing about VelaShape? There’s no downtime, which is perfect for busy Hollywood stars that are always on the go!

The next best thing about VelaShape? You can get these celebrity-like bodies too! Just call us at White Tea Med Spa today, and let us set you on your way the body of your dreams!

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