Velashape appearances on YouTube

In 2005, Velashape received FDA clearance, launching a state of the art solution to the problem that is cellulite. If you’ve been looking around the site, you’ve read about the different benefits that treatments with Velashape can deliver. However, reading will only get you so far. Velashape has made several appearances on YouTube, offering a chance to see actual demonstrations of the product at work. First, a local news program in St. Louis, Missouri, introduces the Velashape with a live demonstration. It’s great to see it performed live, no editing, to see how safe and comfortable the treatment turns out to be.

During the video, several times we hear about celebrities and, despite what we think, they have cellulite problems. So, are they using Velashape? Of course they are:


Dr. Sanjay Grover is a professional plastic surgeon known for working with the stars. Fortunately, the training that Grover received to use the machine is the exact same training that technicians in MedSpas (especially White Tea Spa) receive. Here is a great example of one such technician working with a patient. As you’ll see, there’s nothing to fear. It’s simple and painless:

Velashape continues to go national and gain in popularity. I think it has a lot to do with the lack of surgery to get the treatments completed. I will continue to search out videos to give you an idea of all our products and services. Check back regularly for more information on how a Med Spa can work for you.

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