Velashape and LPG Endermologie – Stage 2 Cellulite

In our last blog entry we discussed “Stage 1 Cellulite.” Today we’re going to take a look at the next phase of cellulite formation, “Stage 2 Cellulite.” Here we reach a new milestone, but don’t break out the camera yet – unlike many milestones in life, this one is definitely not a “Kodak moment.” In this phase, the “soft” cellulite of “Stage 1” turns into “hard” cellulite (dermo-panniclosis deformans), and changes to the skin are now completely visible when standing up, but are not visible when lying down (yet).

As the aforementioned skin components continue to break down even further, the dermal layer is so damaged at this point that the fat cells, which started to clump together and move upward in the previous stages, are now banded together by septae (fibrous connective tissues), which begin to harden. These bundles of fat cells continue to move upward even furthur, while the excess fluid that has accumulated pushes the walls of the fat chambers upwards as well, causing visible bumps to appear on the surface of the skin in a standing position.


In the next phase of the process, “Stage 3 Cellulite,” cellulite becomes visible at all times – sitting, standing, and lying down.  We’ll discuss this phase in our next blog entry, but don’t wait until then to take action—the earlier you address the changes that cause cellulite, the easier it is to treat.

Here at the White Tea Med Spa, we offer two of the most effective treatments in the fight against cellulite: VelaShape and LPG Endermologie.

LPG Endermologie is a full-body lymphatic massage that increases circulation and promotes the drainage of built-up fluids and wastes that cause the appearance of cellulite.  VelaShape, named “the gold standard of noninvasive cellulite treatments” by Allure Magazine in June 2011, combines thermal energy, radiofrequencies, and massage to effectively diminish the appearance of cellulite while simultaneously contouring the treated area. These treatments are both effective individually, but are even more powerful when combined together.

Cellulite isn’t an “inevitable” in today’s world – just an “inconvenience.”  With our help, you can watch your “orange peel” skin melt into into skin that’s as smooth as butter.  To find out what VelaShape and Endermologie can do for you, as well as the many other treatments and services offered here at the White Tea Med Spa in New York City, please visit our website or call us at 212-647-8919.

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