Using VelaShape III to Help Trim that Troubled Area

VelaShape III is one of the newest technologies designed to help improve body shape, skin elasticity and cellulite reduction. It is a three-pronged approach to breaking down fat deposits in areas that are difficult to exercise such as under the chin, buttocks, thighs and sides. VelaShape III combines a gentle vacuum, infrared lasers, and radio frequency technologies to address multiple layers of skin treatment in a single stroke.

What is VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is a cellulite treatment that uses a specialized device to target cellulite buildup directly below the surface of the skin to reduce the appearance of dimpling and uneven skin. It acts to promote healthy collagen regrowth and elastin to help tighten skin in the area and improve shape and contour.

How does VelaShape III work?

VelaShape III works by balancing the effects of three different technologies to effectively reach unwanted cellulite beneath the skin. First, the VelaShape wand uses a gentle vacuum to draw a small circle of skin up toward the light source of the machine. That raised area is then subjected to targeted, low-level infrared laser light, which heats the cells and breaks down the unwanted buildup of fatty deposits. Once the fat cells have begun to deteriorate, radio frequency massage further heats and stimulates the deeper tissues, spreading the laser treatment evenly and thoroughly, while also activating the lymphatic system to immediately begin flushing old cells out of the area.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

A full course of VelaShape III is generally administered in three to six separate treatments set two weeks apart and designed to help patients see cumulative results over time as the body continues to improve for days after the initial treatment takes place. Each successive treatment will target areas that still need improvement.

Is VelaShape III Right for Me?

VelaShape is designed to treat patients who are already well on their way to successful weight loss and body management. The perfect patient is someone who has a BMI under 30, and who has a rating of 1 or 2 on the Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification scale, meaning that the appearance of “orange peel” dimples in the skin is limited. People who have significant cellulite deposits and a BMI over 30 will not see drastic improvements in weight loss from this technique. Rather, this procedure is the final step in contouring a shaping hard-to-reach areas, but is not a whole body weight loss solution.

What Does Treatment Feel Like?

Most patients state that VelaShape III feels like a warm deep tissue massage. Since the wand does not use high intensity lasers, there is no burning sensation like other treatment methods. Instead, it is a gentle and relaxing procedure that can generally be done in less than 30 minutes and leaves the patient with a sensation similar to a heat pad.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no serious side effects associated with VelaShape III. Some patients report that the skin in the treated area appears slightly pink and continues to feel warm for a few hours after the treatment, but there is no permanent change to pigmentation.

When Will I See Results?

Depending on age and lifestyle, some results can be seen after the first treatment is completed. As the body flushes the broken down cellulite out of the area over the next few weeks, results will continue to improve before the next treatment.

Each treatment provides cumulative results and is designed to focus on areas that the previous treatment did not fully address. Final results can be seen after the third treatment of the course is completed and the body has been given several days to stabilize the area.

White Tea Med Spa

We, at White Tea Med Spa, are proud to offer VelaShape III as a low-impact body-contouring option to people who need help reaching their body-shaping goals. For areas that are resistant to traditional dieting and exercising, we can use targeted methods for results that will shape and tone and overcome those final weight loss obstacles.

Call today or visit us online to learn more about VelaShape III and to schedule a consultation with our highly skilled professionals who will help determine whether this treatment is right for you.

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