Brand Spotlight: Rhonda Allison

I must take a moment of your time to remind you of Rhonda Allison. If you have not heard of this skin care brand, I am sure it is not long before it reaches you!

I recently tried the Naturale Mega Brightening Serum, and wow, oh wow, I was extremely impressed. I probably sound crazy, but I noticed a difference after 3 days! I looked around at some of her other products and services and am dying to get my hands on one of her celebrated peels sooner than later. This cold weather that hit us like a beast today has me feeling (and looking) pretty dull.

I am so impressed with this line because of its ability to combine potent active ingredients while remaining environmentally aware by not testing on animals and going green when possible. The brand is committed to delivering pure skin nutrition that is actually effective. Translation: I can have my cake and eat it too!

Rhonda Allison has developed groundbreaking formulas new to the industry and leads in her revolutionary idea of the art of skin peeling that delivers real results. She combines the most active ingredients in nature with scientific compounds to create treatments and DIY products that completely transform the skin.

That is what I have learned about Rhonda Allison so far, and am pretty intrigued! Is anyone else a Rhonda Allison believer? What do you think about her products? I would love to hear your thoughts!

The White Tea Med Spa is proud to offer the full range of Rhonda Allison products for sale in our newly renovated spa lounge. You can learn more about Rhonda Allison here: http://www.rhondaallison.com/index.html.

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