Treat your T-zone!

With so many pollutants floating through the air every day, it’s almost impossible to avoid letting some settle on your skin. Between sweat, stress, hormones, and every day toxins, it’s very easy for your skin to get clogged and irritated, causing blemishes and unwanted breakouts.

Taking care of your skin at home is very important, but it’s only one half of the equation. It’s important to book appointments with skilled aestheticians to receive deep cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and professional skincare advice. It’s wise to think of routine facials as a key factor of your skincare regimen. Facials are really as necessary as brushing your teeth and visiting the dentist on a regular basis!

Since we live in a highly stressful world, we are unfortunately quite prone to breakouts due to too much stress, pressure, and anxiety. When we are highly stressed, we tend break out in our “T zone”, which begins across the forehead down to the chin.


At White Tea Med Spa, our TEA-Zone facial can help clean that T zone up and rid you of your blemishes and clogged pores. The skilled aestheticians will customize a facial to help combat that acne and keep your T-zone looking fresh! The TEA-Zone facial includes a deep pore cleaning, exfoliation, and a detoxifying stimulant to increase oxygen to clear and prevent ongoing breakouts. Keeping up with regular facials will certainly help prevent future acne.

If you continue with regular facials every 4-6 weeks, or as recommended by your aesthetician, you will notice your skin beginning to appear more radiant, resilient, clear, and evenly toned. Isn’t that well worth your money and time? Plus, facials are quite the relaxing experience, and everyone deserves a little TLC.


Your face is the first thing people notice, after all. People can tell a lot about how you’re feeling based on your complexion, so why not give off the most glowing one of all? Why wait? Call us today!

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