Top Problem Areas for Every Woman

As women, we know that there are certain “trouble zones” on our bodies where we all want to tone up and lose fat. At White Tea Med Spa, we are here to help! Let’s talk about those problem areas, and then discuss some ways to improve them!

Top Trouble Zones

Most women want to slim their arms, thighs, and flatten their stomachs and tighten their derrieres. These problem areas often tend to be the places that fat loss occurs last (where those last ten pounds want to hang around!). Research shows that fat loss in those areas actually depends upon on your sex and not your workout routine. For women, research also shows that the first place fat is stored is also the last place it tends to come off.

Where We Store Fat

Women store fat in their lower bodies – in the upper thighs, hips and butt, as well as in the upper arms. After menopause this changes because estrogen levels decrease. At this point, women start to accumulate more fat in the abdomen.

Why We Store Fat

There are two types of fat cell receptors in our bodies: the alpha receptors and the beta receptors. Women have more alpha receptors and these are the components that inhibit the breakdown of fat. Beta receptors actually encourage the breakdown of fat.

Additionally, women have almost five times more lipoprotein lipase in their lower bodies than in their upper bodies; lipoprotein lipase is an enzyme which stimulates fat storage in the lower body. So, the hips and thighs generally store all of the fat.

Researchers believe that this predisposition to store fat in the lower body is a type of protection for the reproductive organs.

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The most stubborn body fat is that fat which is under our skin, the subcutaneous fat. It is much more stubborn than visceral fat because it is more reactive to hormones such as insulin and has more of the alpha receptors (which inhibit fat breakdown).

The subcutaneous fat in a woman’s lower body has nearly ten times more alpha receptors compared than the subcutaneous fat in a man’s lower body.

Another reason that this fat hangs around is due to poor blood supply and circulation. These areas on our body are actually colder, so the fat receives less blood.

Diets and Problem Areas

One of the most frustrating things about the fat in our three problem areas is that dieting does little to help get rid of it.

In fact, dieting can make the fat on these areas worse. Diet and exercise can help, but just dieting can lead the body to hang onto that fat, because the body is afraid it is about to starve. Most people who go on diets tend to gain the weight back after the diet is over, and most of the weight that comes back goes right to those stubborn areas.

When we diet, thyroid hormone levels decline and the fat cells themselves become more reactive to insulin. This means the body stores more fat.

What Can We Do?

Dieting alone won’t do it, and sometimes, even diet and exercise just won’t make those problem areas any tighter. But don’t despair, there is a new body contouring procedure that can help!

The VelaShape III is the non-surgical answer to ridding the body of trouble zones. With the VelaShape III patients receive a deep therapeutic body contouring treatment that provides enhanced clinical protocols and wonderful, consistent results time after time.

The treatment will target and shrink fat cells; helps tighten loose skin in all areas of the body, tone and firm the areas of the thighs, butt and stomach, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The VelaShape III uses infrared and radio frequency technology along with a vacuum to heat the tissue of the body, up to 15 millimeters deep. This causes the fat to heat up, increasing circulation, lymphatic drainage, and collagen deposits. It even increases cellular metabolism to really burn the fat off those areas!

The results are tighter, toned skin and an overall improvement in the skin’s structure.

White Tea Med Spa

Come experience the therapeutic VelaShape III at White Tea Med Spa. Please contact us today for a consultation and we will be happy to work with you to determine if this treatment – or one of our others – is best for you.

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