Tips from one of our Estheticians!

One of our lovely Estheticians named Rivka wanted to share some advice to keep your skin looking good 🙂


Weather change can wreck havoc on your skin.  This is why it is a good idea to make tweeks to your skin care routine a couple times a year at the drastic season change.  A good time for this is the spring to summer transition and the fall to winter transition.
Often, people ask me about having to change their products because “their skin got used to the products”. Their product isn’t doing what it was for their skin now, in the cold, that it was during the summer.  How could it? Your skin will have different conditions in winter vs. summer. It’s not that your skin got “used to it”.  Your skin just needs a little more now that the cold is coming.
Now, don’t run to the spa and buy a whole new at home regiment.  There’s no need to buy a brand new routine.  Often, just a simple upgrade from a light-weight to a mid- weight moisturizer will do the trick.  Or incorporating a hydrating serum appropriate for your skin type may be enough.
Remember, Less Is More! Start small then add. Otherwise, you can overwhelm yourself.  Make sure you are willing to use all the products you buy . You don’t want run the risk of buying unneeded products, especially if you are not going to commit to using them. That doesn’t help your skin or your wallet.
Happy skin!



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