Tips on keeping your glow during the cold weather and how to prepare for spring

The weather change is often hard on our skin. The cold weather causes us to lose moisture. Although most of us often like to resort to hot showers or baths, it is actually stripping our skin of natural oils. Its best to use lukewarm water, especially to wash your face. Moisturize! Moisturizing is always important but especially in the winter time, and changing seasons. Apply after washing your face. There are a lot of great tinted moisturizers out there. The next important thing is SPF. Even during the winter, the sun can be strong and damaging to our skin. Most tinted moisturizers also have SPF which is an easy way to have both things in one product and for everyday use. Avoiding tanning beds is also so important. I often get tempted myself for a quick 12 minute tan session but I know the damage is not worth it. Drink water! Hydration is a huge part of keeping skin fresh. Drinking your 8 cups a day is no joke, and extremely beneficial. Water cleans out the toxins and helps purify our insides which mean clear skin on the outside! Invest in a hydrating facial is also a great option. Spas and medical spas specialize in customizing facials for your specific skin type and will bring your skin to it’s full potential. Ask your skin therapist what the best products are to use for your skin after your facial to maintain a healthy glow. Also be sure to check back with them and follow up with another facial. Consistency in skin care is key. Ask for products such as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.
At White Tea Med Spa we offer a variety of options for facials and skin care procedures with our highly trained specialists. This month in particular we are offering our special ReFirme, Matrix IR, and Foto facial at  special prices. ReFirme is a non- invasive, skin tightening treatment that promotes firmer skin by stimulating collagen. Matrix IR is a safe, non invasive treatment that helps reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin. Matrix uses laser energy with radio frequencies to treat the area of concern. Lastly, our popular FotoFacial is a powerful, effective laser for many skin conditions such as age spots, freckles, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, enlarged pores, and sun damage and spots.Many find these three treatments beneficial. Taking the time to invest in your skin and skin care routine is the best thing you can do! 🙂
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