Time Management with elos Technology

According to Allure Magazine’s June 2011 issue, the average woman will spend a total of 58.4 days removing hair in her lifetime.  If you think that’s a lot, it’s nothing compared to the statistic they published for men in their October 2011 issue: the average man will shave a whopping 21,000 times in his lifetime!  At five minutes a shave, that’s over 1 million minutes of shaving, or 72.9 days!  If time is money, I don’t even want to know how much I’ve lost already.

Thankfully, Syneron has developed a state-of-the-art laser hair removal system that utilizes elos technology.  Unlike IPL systems that don’t actually use lasers, elos features optical and electrical energies (in the form of laser light and radio frequencies, respectively) to destroy follicles safely, effectively, and far more efficiently than any other method currently available.  Laser hair removal with elos technology:

  • Is an effective option for everyone, regardless of hair or skin color.
  • Takes half as long as other systems.
  • Requires less sessions than other systems.
  • Removes even minimally pigmented hair on all skin tones.

To find out more about laser hair removal with elos technology please click here, or call White Tea Med Spa today at 212-647-8919 to discover how our expertly trained and experienced therapists can help you manage your body hair – and your time!

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