Three Easy Ways to Show Mom You Care

Need a last minute gift for Mom? Look no further! The White Tea Med Spa has affordable specials so you can show her how much you really care without breaking the bank.


Any of these three treatments will make Mom feel like the queen she is!


The Anti-Aging Stem Cell Facial uses revolutionary ingredients and proceses to strengthen the skin and fight aging even in the days following the treatment. Give her the best of the best with this cutting edge facial so she sees that youthful skin once again!


Maybe Mom has been talking about a loss of radiance in her skin, and you want to help her get that glow back. The CelebriTEA Oxygen Facial will do that and so much more. Let her kick back and relax as her skin is given a breath of fresh air.


Often as we age, the elasticity of our skin begins to weaken, and sagging will occur. Tighten and lift Mom up with ReFirme Skin Tightening Treatment at a fraction of the price (we won’t tell!) No need to go under the knife or endure invasive procedures with this extremely effective treatment. Not only will her skin be lifted, but her confidence will also lift to the sky- and we all know that a happy Mom equals a happy child!


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