Think Liposuction Can Cure Cellulite? Think Again!

Think liposuction can cure cellulite? Think again!

As we explained on our website, one of the most common misconceptions about cellulite is that it is caused by fat, when it really is just the visible effect of a series of breakdowns occurring in the skin itself. Using liposuction to combat cellulite is like using a knife in a gun fight – though an effective tool in some situations, it’s pretty much useless in the situation at hand. In fact, rather than helping the appearance of cellulite, liposuction can actually make cellulite worse by damaging the skin’s delicate network of capillaries and lymph vessels.

To truly make a difference in the appearance of cellulite, the weapons of choice in today’s world are Syneron Technology’s VelaShape, and LPG Endermologie.

LPG Endermologie is a full-body lymphatic massage that increases circulation and promotes the drainage of built-up fluids and wastes that cause the appearance of cellulite.  VelaShape – recently named “the gold standard of noninvasive cellulite treatments” by Allure Magazine in June 2011 – combines thermal energy and radiofrequencies with massage to effectively diminish the appearance of cellulite while simultaneously contouring the treated area and stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastin. These treatments are both effective individually, but are even more powerful when combined together.

Whether you’re currently seeing cellulite or not, now is the time to act! Cellulite formation begins long before any visible changes appear on the skin’s surface. The earlier you address the changes that cause cellulite, the easier they are to treat. Call White Tea Med Spa today at 212-647-8919 to schedule a free one-on-one cellulite consultation with one of our experienced therapists. Together, we can build a personalized plan to meet your specific cellulite needs.

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