There’s a Lid to Every Pot; and Denim for Every Bod

I am sure most of us agree that every body is beautiful—every shape and every size. All that you need to maximize your assests is a few sessions of VelaShape and the right pair of jeans to slip into. VelaShape will contour and smooth your silhouette in only 4-6 sessions. It works wonders, you’ll see. And picking your perfect pair to accentuate your assets? Not a problem. Find your body type below and follow the tricks to create a match made in denim heaven.



An apple shape is classified by a full midsection with slender arms and legs. Good news: you don’t have to surrender to the idea that your waistband must dig into your stomach in order to get the right fit on your legs.

  • Stretch, stretch and more stretch. This is your number one priority. Focus especially on the waistband. If there’s stretch there, you have already eliminated your number one problem. With slim legs, you can even opt for a jegging!
  • Go light! Washes in a light tone will draw attention to your legs for a perfectly balanced shape.
  • Stick to a zip closure to flatten out the tummy instead of adding bulge the way buttons could.


The frame of your shoulders and bust is small— and when you have had four brownies for dinner, they go right to your hips and buttocks.

  • Choose a bootcut pair. The slight flare at the bottom will balance out the hips.
  • Look for back pockets that sit slightly higher than mid cheek and are close together for an instant lift.
  • A dark wash or any wash that is consistent throughout (no fading or “worn” look especially on the hips or backside) will create a streamlined appearance.


Probably the most coveted among all of the body shapes, your curves up top and your curves belopw are joined together by a small mid- section. However, make sure you choose the right pair because with the wrong denim, this shape could appear less than desirable in a heartbeat.

  • High cut backs are a must to keep that booty inside and prevent butt cleavage (gasp!)
  • Take the time to search for a contoured waistband. This will lay much more fitted to that small waist of yours so you don’ have to worry about gapping.
  • A material with at least five percent stretch is what is going to work with those curves not against them.


These bods are often small, athletic frames, with a long torso and hips and shoulders of equal width. The goal is to create the illusion of curves while enhancing your shape.

  • Thanks to your long torso, you ladies rock the high-waisted trend like nobody’s business!
  • Look for some embellishment (pocket flaps, studs, etc.) to add curve and oomph to your backside.
  • A slim fit through the thighs keeps extra fabric from weighing you down and concealing those killer gams.
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