The Secret to Slimming and Trimming!

There is nothing like the feeling of slipping into your brand new dress, looking into the mirror, and knowing that you look great. And, because you look great, you will feel great, and this sets you up for a perfect night out. It’s typical that before a big event, many people will diet and exercise more often than not, but what they might not know about is the biggest secret to slimming trimming…..It’s VelaShape!

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VelaShape is the only FDA approved device that painlessly and effectively smooths, contours, shapes, tightens and firms the body by reducing cellulite and circumference. VelaShape gives you a thinner appearance and an even, toned look. Not only will VelaShape give you the confidence you’re craving, it will certainly help turn heads your way all night long.

It’s no wonder why VelaShape markets their “Little Vela Dress” as effortlessly elegant. After just a few VelaShape treatments, you can transform any little (black or whatever color you like best) into the Little Vela Dress. VelaShape will give your body the sleek curves and smooth figure to fit perfectly into any little dress you can find. But, it doesn’t stop there. VelaShape will help you look your best in anything you put on. from a dress, to a business suit, to a bathing suit….. you will even look great in your sweats!

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Some people call it a miracle, we just call it VelaShape. Call us today to make your first appointment with us!

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