The Importance and Benefits of Skincare for This Time of Year

It’s officially November. This means winter is only one month away! Can you even believe it? We can’t either, but since we know the colder weather, blustery winds, and even snow is coming, we wanted to make sure that you are all aware of the importance and benefits of taking good care of your skin during this time of year.

Maybe you’re the type of person whose skin dries out easily from harsh winds. Maybe your hands start to crack and sting. Maybe your skin instantly dries out from the heat in your home or your car. Whatever your problem may be, it’s important to take care of it soon because your skin is your largest organ – you really want to take care of it! Make sure to keep your hands and arms, and all of your skin moisturized! Dry skin can be uncomfortable, so try your best to avoid that!


The skin protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. Our skin is good to us, we need to be good to it!

Make sure to wash your makeup off every night before bed. Find a cleanser that works with your type of skin, and be certain to put it to good use! Remember to always moisturize after washing, as some cleansers tend to dry out the skin. Dry skin can lead to flaky skin, and then you may find yourself having a difficult time applying your makeup.



Be sure to purchase tissues that have lotion and/or aloe in them.  Harsh winds and bitter temperatures can surely make your nose run. You want to make sure you’re using tissues that are soothing to your skin around your nose. This will help from having red, raw, and dry nostrils.


Use sunscreen even in the colder months! The sun is still dangerous and can do damage to your skin! SPF, SPF, SPF!

Use your humidifier to keep your skin hydrated during the colder months. And also, keep your whole body hydrated –  always drink lots of water!


Keep up with regular facial treatments. Talk to our technicians here at White Tea Med Spa. They will surely be able to set you up on a treatment plan that will keep your skin supple and glowing even in the winter.

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