The Comfort of Safety with VelaShape

Most fat reducing and cellulite diminishing procedures today are surgical and invasive to the body in some way, causing people to not only fear the procedure, but to also dread the post-procedure downtime that comes with it. These factors alone can cause many people to either opt against surgical procedures, or if they choose these surgical approaches, they are often left with long lasting bruises, scarring, and pain.

Here at White Tea Med Spa, we offer safe, harmless, and non-invasive/non-surgical treatments that not only reduce fat and the appearance of cellulite, but also provide you with a comforting and relaxing experience all at once. Our VelaShape treatment does all of that, plus more.

While using a vacuum-like technique and individually designed rollers, our technicians will smooth out your skin to deliver a safe and effective heat delivery to amplify the metabolism of stored energy and reduce the size of fatty tissues and cellulite, all while you relax and enjoy the comforting atmosphere we provide to you. Some people even say that VelaShape feels like a warm, deep tissue massage. What is better than relaxing and enjoying yourself while our skilled technicians work their magic to help you achieve your dream body? It sounds too good to be true, but rest assure, VelaShape is known for its pain-free experience and remarkable results.


Next time you find yourself stressing about your unwanted cellulite or the inches you’d love to see reduced from your waist, remember that at White Tea Med Spa, you won’t have to worry about surgical procedures or dreaded downtime. Don’t wait, call us today and let us provide you with a calm a and relaxing body changing experience that you won’t forget!

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