The Benefits of a Chemical Peel

You’ve probably heard of chemical peel treatments in the past, but do you know how the process works and what the benefits are? We are here to tell you, and by the time you’re finished reading this blog, you’ll probably be picking up the phone to book your chemical peel appointment very soon!

Chemical peels are highly beneficial for many different skin types and skin concerns. Basically, chemical peels will remove your dead skin cells while also stimulating the regenerative process. The acids in the peel will work to dissolve the top layers of your skin creating a controlled wound which allows the skin to regenerate itself.

Before receiving your chemical peel, your aesthetician will recommend that you exfoliate your skin, so that your skin is properly prepared for the peel. Your skin will be cleansed appropriately before the peel is applied; removing surface oils and debris, letting the peel penetrate correctly. Once the peel is applied, you will generally feel warmth over the area in which the peel has been applied. Our skilled aestheticians will make sure you are comfortable and not experiencing any worry. You may feel slight tingling, but this is normal and during the chemical peel process, and that sensation will stop once the peel is over.

chem peel

After your chemical peel, your skin may be sensitive to the sun, so please make sure to be vigilant about the usage of sunscreen and any other ways you can protect your skin from the sun. Your skin may also feel slightly dry and a little tight after your peel. This is normal. You may experience peeling for a few days after the chemical peel. This may happen for about three to five days following the peel because your dead skin cells will be sloughing off, leaving healthy, fresh, new cells in their place. You should see a remarkable difference within a week after your peel.

It’s important to speak with one of our aestheticians about your own unique concerns and skin type, so they can inform you how often you should be receiving chemical peels and exactly what you can expect. If you receive regular chemical peels at the times suggested by your aesthetician you are sure to see some if not all of the following benefits: improvement in your skin’s texture, increased healthy cells, decreased pigmentation, increased ability in moisture retention, an increase of collagen, a healthy glow, reduction of fine lines, clearer pores and less acne, a smooth softer texture to your skin, an even tone, and even improvements in minor scarring.

There’s no need to wait. Pick up your phone and book an appointment with us for your chemical peel now!

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