Ten Ways to Tie a Scarf

Scarves are a great way to add texture and pop to your ensemble. They bring an unexpected sense of interest and can pull together any outfit in a pinch. The right scarf will transform you from drab, to fab!

Creative geniuses at Coldwater Creek have provided a very helpful tutorial for the people stuck in a scarf-tying rut. Stand in front of a mirror and experiment with these interesting knots. “You mean I don’t have to wear all of my scarves the same way?” I was amazed to find how each knot brings a new style. If you can’t seem to tie that big bulky scarf so that the frigid air (thanks polar vortex) stays off of your neck; there’s a knot for that! If drinks with the girls calls for you to retrieve that beautiful silk scarf hiding in the back of your closet; there’s a knot for that! For people of all ages big and small, and events of all calibers, even the grand ball; there’s a knot for that! Check them out and let me know your favorite!

 Scarf 1 Scarf 2 Scarf 3 Scarf 4 Scarf 5 Scarf 6 Scarf 7 Scarf 8 Scarf 9 Scarf 10

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