#TBT Makeup Through the Decades: Part Three

We have arrived upon the last years of the series “Makeup Through the Decades.” The 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s seemed to be worlds apart when it comes to makeup (and style) trends. Even thinking back to some of the previous decades we have visited, it is fun to see how makeup has transformed and evolved in leaps and bounds. I hope you are encouraged to find your unique traits and features, and learn how to use makeup to accentuate them. The acceptance and love of our bodies is, in my eyes, what true beauty is.


One concept, and one concept only defined the style of makeup in the 1980’s: the brighter, the better! This decade thrived on the experimentation of color. From blues to pinks and everything in between, neon colors were all the rage. Makeup trends followed suit of fashion and hair trends: big, bright, and bold.


And not only was color bold, but it was everywhere! Women were not restricted to highlighting one feature at a time—for example; statement making eyes were designed using in-your-face shadow colors (and liners to match!) and were paired with electric lips and intentionally unblended striped blush. Makeup was worn to be seen.

80 ad


The nineties took a sharp turn from the previous decade’s brilliant style to a much more dull, dark, and grungey appearance. This, some believe was directly related to the music of the era. Matte skin set the tone for brown pigments to dress the eyes and also infused lips via deep reds and plums.

90 ad


However, towards the end of the decade, foundation seemed to fade out of the picture, appearing practically non-existent, and a heavy handed application quickly became a technique of the past.

Jennifer Aniston 1990


While there aren’t many specific makeup trends that defined this era, there are significant contributions that the 2000’s have added to our beauty regimines today. By this decade, most women are very savvy when it comes to cosmetic products and how to apply them. The 2000’s was a time of great growth of the individuality of woman; of the embracing of each one’s unique beauty and finding your own style. Sephora was an overnight sensation, as it encouraged clients to experiment in a haven of hundreds of products and brands. New innovative products flood the market, and brands are seen as a status symbol.

Bare Minerals

Prices skyrocket, Botox is no longer taboo, and fuller pouts are appearing everywhere thanks to the rise of injections and fillers.

jessica Simpson 2000

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