Syneron – Velashape, Fotofacial, Matrix, Refirme, Triniti Treatment


Laser treatments for the skin have truly come a long way since they first appeared years ago. Syneron has long been a pioneer in the field, creating major advances in technology that increased the effectiveness of treatments while minimizing (if not completely eliminating) downtime for patients.

Laser treatments of the past caused a number of painful side effects for patients. These treatments used only optical (light) energy. If you’ve ever used a flashlight, you know how optical energy moves – it spreads out evenly in all directions from its source. This characteristic of light caused a number of issues in patients receiving these treatments:

  1. Too much energy was absorbed by surrounding tissues, causing collateral damage and unwanted side effects (usually to the epidermis and dermis).
  2. The target area wouldn’t receive enough energy to attain the maximum benefits because the energy would spread out evenly.

Did you ever see a movie where a guy is firing a machine gun, swinging it back and forth as he shoots at everything in sight? That’s how treatments of the past worked – dangerous, messy, and out-of-control. They didn’t have the focus to target specific areas with precision.

Now picture a cowboy shooting an empty can off a fencepost with one clean shot. That’s Syneron – clean, targeted, and precise. By adding radio frequencies to the treatment, Syneron is able to target specific areas within the skin and minimize collateral damage to surrounding tissues.

Here at the White Tea Med Spa we use ONLY Syneron technology for all of our laser treatments, ensuring our clients the best and safest treatments available. To find out how this technology works, and what it can do for you, click on any of the links below.

The technology of tomorrow is here today – now is the time to take advantage of it!

Matrix IR (Wrinkle Reduction)
Fotofacial (Skin Rejuvenation)
Refirme (Skin Tightening)
Triniti Treatment (All three of the above treatments combined)
Velashape (Cellulite Reduction, Circumferential Reduction, Trapped Fat Reduction)
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Vein Removal

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