I Survived!

Most women have different personal preferences when it comes to how they groom their body hair. The trendy styles have been changing all the way back to the Renaissance (check out this article to learn more.) As for me? I prefer a hairless bod.


So I did it- I finally did it.

I went for my first session of laser hair removal and I survived! I am living to tell the story!

As you know, I was terrified to begin this treatment, but with summer on its way, I thought it would be a great time to get rid of some hair! I decided to begin with my underarms, and after the awesome experience I had, I may venture to other areas in the very near future.

So this is how it all happened:

Kirsy calmed me down with her in depth knowledge of laser hair removal, and in that soft , gentle voice, she told me it would only take ten minutes. Ten minutes?! I was already one happy camper.


Prepared for the worst but hoping for the best, I laid back, lifted my arms, put my goggles on, and held my breath.


Was that it?! I began to laugh and wonder what I was so worried about! The best way I can describe the sensation is a slight pinch. Amazing! Kirsy did two full passes over my entire underarm section, and I was done before I knew it started.

As the hair grows back, I was instructed to shave as normal, and return for my next session in four weeks. I am thrilled to have smooth, hairless underarms, and would highly recommend laser hair removal to anyone looking to make their life easier; even to the scaredy cats like myself.

Call 212-647-8919 to be ready by summer!

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