#SundaySpotlight Maria Rianna

I have sung her praises before, and I will sing them again. Maria Rianna is a phenomenal esthetician who offers every client a true luxury experience.
Every time I have received treatment from her, I leave feeling rejuvenated. Professional and knowledgeable, Maria always has her client’s best interest in mind. It must have been her enthusiasm and soothing demeanor that led me to immediately trust her.
As she massaged away my stress (and cellulite) from the week, Maria explained how “everything works together.” Very rarely is there one easy fix no matter what your concern is (body aches, cellulite, breakouts, etc.) Diet, hormones, activity, and lifestyle all need to be taken into account in order for any client to receive the ultimate benefits of the treatment they are receiving. The way Maria treats her clients as humans, working with them to achieve the best results instead of looking at them as just a number (as I have unfortunately felt in other spas and salons) left an impression on me and has me looking forward to my next visit.
So how did this become such a passion for Maria? Where did she begin? Maria started her training in Rome where she was raised, and moved to Arizona to continue in some of the top resort spas in the country that are on the cutting edge of the industry. Five years ago, she brought her expertise to The White Tea Med Spa and now serves as the lead esthetician. “I make people look and feel good about themselves. It’s a challenging field but very rewarding,” says Maria.
Responsible for making the newest, most effective treatments available at The White Tea Med Spa, Maria is constantly researching new methods, products and techniques. I had to find out what she believed to be the number one treatment that is a MUST for everyone. Here is her response:
“Velashape for the body because it is a targeted treatment that is not time consuming, non-invasive, and result oriented. DNA CryoStem Cell facial for the face because it uses the purest ingredients to turn back the hands of time.  It gives a natural face lift without any downtime.”
Oo-la-la sign me up! Call 212-647-8919 to schedule a free consultation with Maria and tell me what you think. I would love to hear about your experience!

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