Is Your St. Patrick’s Day Missing This Key Ingredient?


Although I am only 1/4 Irish, St. Patrick’s Day has always been observed in my family. When I was little, we would all gather at my very Irish grandmother’s house every St. Patrick’s Day to listen to her tell stories of her childhood in Dublin with her glass of scotch in hand, eat her corned beef and cabbage, and devour the numerous loaves of Soda Bread that graced the dining table.

Since my grandmother is no longer with us, we have carried this tradition on with corned beef and cabbage of our own, and of course, the soda bread. My Dad and I often experiment with different recipes since we do not have the original; and this year, I think we nailed it (it seemed the rest of the family agreed!)


I found this simple recipe here. You can add raisins or leave it plain. My brother suggested chocolate chips, so we put them in one loaf and it tasted like dessert (pictured below)! We made a few tweaks of our own, and I encourage you to do the same. Happy bread baking!

slice of bread


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