Soda Is Not Your Friend

It seems like every time you turn on the TV or flip open a new magazine, you stumble upon a new study linking the consumption of soda to bad health. Of course there are many new studies confirming different food and drink items as being detrimental to your health, but it appears as though soda is always on the top of that list. Whether you are choosing to consume regular or diet soda, you may want to think twice, and opt for the glass of water or 100% real juice with no sugar added. If you want to remain healthy from the inside out, you should really reconsider your next Coca Cola.


Not only are you putting yourself at a heightened risk for many health related issues by drinking soda, you are certainly not on a path to weight loss or the formation of a firm, sculpted body. Obviously, soda is loaded with sugar and is very high in calories, and this is no recipe for a slim figure—and this is where a huge mistake is made by many. It is very common for people to substitute regular soda for diet soda thinking it is the “healthier” option, but this is not a smart decision. The sugar replacements found in diet sodas can be just as harmful to your precious body.

It is so important to take care of yourself; that cannot be stressed enough. You only live once, so why not live life through the body of your dreams? At White Tea Med Spa, we offer so many different body enhancing treatments that work to remove your cellulite and reduce your body’s circumference. With our help, we can target all of your problem areas that exercising just can’t seem to fix.  Why would you want to contradict that by drinking something like soda which will only add more cellulite, lessen the effects of our remarkable treatments, and add increased fat cells to your body?

Basically, drinking soda cannot help you in any aspect of your life, except for maybe a temporary empty energy boost. Forget the soda. Let our technicians be the real help to your body. Contact us at White Tea Med Spa for an appointment today!

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