Save Your Skin!


When we look in the mirror and see beautiful skin, and are happy with the way our complexion looks, the last thing that crosses our minds is intensifying our skin care regimen, right? Maybe it is time to change our perspective.

Prevention will extend the life of healthy skin; repairing the skin once it is past its prime does not guarantee results. In other words, it is much easier (and more realistic) to attempt to freeze the skin when it’s looking its best, then to undo time’s footprints.

There are simple ways to preserve your skin, and hold on to those healthy cells. If you are reading this thinking, “My skin is not looking its best!” these tips are for you, too! The deterioration of youthful cells can be slowed no matter how many years are under our belt.

Follow these tips to prevent aging at any age:


Applying sunscreen every day, rain or shine, is one of the most significant ways you can ward off deep wrinkles for just a bit longer. Look for an SPF of 50 or higher, and make sure it is safe for the eye area as well as the entire face. Shielding the delicate skin around the eyes is the first step in preventing crow’s feet.


From 20 year olds to 80 year olds, I believe everyone should be using a treatment that has an anti-aging ingredient. Most serums and creams are not cheap, and should be looked at as an investment, so don’t be afraid to ask for samples and test drive multiple products before making your choice. At minimum, daily use of a hydrator will smooth out fine lines.


For those thinking about the future of their skin, and are looking to aggressively hold on to those healthy cells, it is best to partner with an esthetician that will monitor the condition of your skin. With ground breaking facials and services available, you should always be the “woman with the perfect skin.” From oxygen facials to the highly talked about DNA facial, the White Tea Med Spa offers only the best of the best. Call 212-647-8919 for your free consultation today.

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