#SaturdaySpotlight : Endermologie for Dummies

If I told you that smoother skin was (what feels like) a deep tissue massage away, would you believe me? I had a hard time believing it, too until I researched Endermologie for myself. I found countless reviews and was flooded with information about this interesting technique (modern day miracle as I like to call it) that I knew nothing about. I am seriously considering trying it out, and after reading about my findings, my guess is that you will, too.

What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is a treatment that removes cellulite and smoothes the skin’s subcutaneous tissue without surgery or the use of lasers. Since I do not enjoy invasive procedures, to say the least, it had me at hello. Mechanical massage and suction stimulates the cells to improve circulation and reduce the fat cell content in the dermis. Originating in France, this technique has been approved by the FDA and is 100% safe. If you are like me, you are thinking, “Where can I sign up?!”  Pump the brakes: will it actually work?

What will Endermologie do for me?

Endermologie will greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth the natural contours and shape of the body. It helps boost circulation, fades stretch marks and scars, relieves muscles aches and spasms, reduces fat that has been trapped within the skin, and takes away inches (not pounds) from every area of the body. Yes you read that correctly. Unfortunately, it seems that the only thing Endermologie does not do is your laundry.

Typically, clients will see substantial results after 6 sessions; however, everyone responds slightly different. Results often vary depending on age, lifestyle, and the severity of the condition being treated.

Am I a candidate?

An ideal candidate for Endermologie is someone who lives an overall healthy lifestyle through eating well and staying active, yet struggles with cellulite or stubborn, fatty areas. These clients will see the most drastic, rapid results; however, that is not to say that everyone else is ineligible. Endermologie is beneficial for a wide array of people, with the exception of a select few (i.e. clients on blood thinners and pregnant woman.) Contact a therapist if you are curious about your eligibility. /

How many treatments do I need?

Similarly to exercising, optimal and long lasting results cannot be expected with only one visit. Endermologie must be maintained. It is recommended that a client has 2 sessions a week for 4-6 weeks. The best way to extend the results is by seeing your therapist once or twice a month following the initial group of treatments. Each session is approximately 40 minutes and pain free.

It is hard to say “no” to a treatment with such a long list of pros and very few cons. Endermologie seems to be a worthy investment, and I am looking forward to a smoother physique!

I will leave you with this thought: there was a reoccurring issue I found as I read reviews and spoke to people who have gone through the treatment. It seems that the therapist adds greatly to the effectiveness and overall experience, so make sure you are comfortable and confident in whom you have chosen! The White Tea Med Spa employs certified specialists who are willing to give you a free consultation. Call (212) 647- 8919 to schedule an appointment. You have nothing (but fat cells!!) to lose.

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