How to Remove Sagging Skin after Weight Loss with VelaShape III

The innermost layer of your skin consists of different proteins including something called elastin and collagen. When you gain weight, for whatever reason: pregnancy, lack of exercise or questionable eating habits, elastin

Sagging skin

provides the necessary elasticity for your skin to expand so that it can accommodate that extra mass. Collagen, on the other hand, will be working overtime to keep your skin firm and strong. This is where VelaShape III comes into action and helps tighten your sagging skin. Loose skin after losing weight.

The good news for pregnant women is that the weight gain experienced is almost sudden and as such doesn’t really do that much damage to the inner workings of your skin. Over a few months after delivery, your skin can contract and regain its original shape. That, unfortunately, is not the case with people who suffer from obesity. Because these people have typically been carrying this weight for years, their skins get significantly stretched to a point where the elastin and collagen fibers get damaged thus losing their ability to regain their original shape and firmness by naturally contracting. So, when these people lose weight, they will have extra skin hanging lose around their bodies. Mostly around their tummy area, thighs, under-arm and so on.

How VelaShape III can help tighten loose skin

Our highly effective VelaShape III skin tightening procedure uses the latest version of this incredible cosmetic treatment. Because VelaShape III offers targeted heat delivery towards the problem areas, the infrared technologies go a long way in stimulating your skin collagen and underlying fibers and connective tissues.

When in action, the VelaShape III cosmetic procedure uses infrared, bipolar radio frequency and vacuum suction technology to give you that beautiful cellulite free skin and perfectly contoured body. During the heating process, underlying collagen fibers are stimulated and your body starts to experience increased lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and most importantly, collagen circulation and depositing. Thus results in reduced skin laxity all the while improving your skin texture and structure.

With this approach, you can minimize or even get rid of that loose skin. There are various skin tightening methods such as cellulite reduction that may leave you with a bit of loose skin while there are others such as using VelaShape that can take care of all that and leave you looking and feeling as good as you thought you would when you started losing weight.

White Tea Med Spa offers you excellent skin tightening services using the latest, safest and most effective technology in the market. With our VelaShape III service, we use the latest version of this world renowned method to give you a tight body after weight loss. Now you no longer have to worry about all that loose skin ruining your look and raining on your weight loss parade.

As soon as you give us a call and get started on the program, you know you are well on your way to that gorgeous beach body you always wanted. Do not let all that weight loss effort go to waste. Give us a call today at (212) 647-8919 and schedule your free consultation. Let VelaShape III work towards getting you back in excellent shape, both body wise and skin wise again.

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