Relieve Your Achy Muscles with VelaShape!

We know that  VelaShape is an FDA-approved treatment for a number of common body concerns among women and men, especially concerns with cellulite reduction, trapped fat reduction, body contouring, post-liposuction treatment, your post-baby body, and more, but do you want to know something else VelaShape is well known for? VelaShape is excellent in providing relief to achy muscles and muscle spasms. Is there anything VelaShape can’t do?

VelaShape combines radio frequency energy, infrared light, mechanical rollers, and vacuum suction to heat and massage the thin layers of fat that contribute to cellulite. While the hand held vacuum pulls at the fatty pockets, the infrared light heats and shrinks fat cells. Because VelaShape temporarily increases blood flow, it is approved to relieve muscle aches, pains, and spasms as well.


Because many people have unwanted cellulite and trapped fat, they tend to try to over-exercise to compensate and in hopes of targeting these problem areas. Too much vigorous exercise and too much stress on the muscles can cause them to ache and spasm. This is where VelaShape can really help. Not only can the beloved VelaShape help to reduce the appearance cellulite and decrease the trapped fat, it can help you relax and feel comfortable, and it can help relax your stressed out muscles.

So next time you find yourself aching after an intense work out, from an accident, or simply from the weather, you should think about trying out our remarkable VelaShape treatment! With the help of us here at White Tea Med Spa, you will find that you can return to a light exercise routine, instead of intense workouts that your body cannot handle which in turn lead to aching muscles. VelaShape can help get your body feeling and looking healthy very soon. Call us today!

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