Reading the Tea Leaves – Issue 5

reading the tea leavesHi Friends!

We can’t believe that it’s already December. Weren’t we just complaining about the hot and sticky city heat? We’ve combed the web and bring to you another installment of Reading the Tea Leaves. 

We want everything on this list. (Popsugar)

Here’s a great DIY activity to do with children this holiday season. (iVillage)

One of our faves offered their opinion about the beauty products we shouldn’t live without. (TruthinAging)

Ladies, get those brows in gear! (BellaNYC)

On December 5, the world lost a true leader and shining example of the strength of human spirit, love and dedication. Take a few minutes to read about Nelson Madela and be prepared to be absolutely blown away by the events of his life and the wisdom he shared. (

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