Photofacials(sometimes called Foto facials) is a skin treatment that uses an IPL (intense pulsed light) light-based technology. Many photofacials only use the IPL technology but, our FotoFacial RF uses IPL, IR(infrared light) laser and RF(Radiofrequency) technology. By combining these 3 technologies, you get the most optimal results. It has a number of different uses, but is mostly used for treating brown spots, broken capillaries, and boosting collagen. We like to have a consult with our clients before the treatment to see if they are a good candidate for the FotoFacial. Besides the face, we also treat the neck, chest and other areas of the body.

Depending on your skin’s condition, most people need about 3-6 treatments about 3 weeks to a month apart. It is common for your response to be slightly different each treatment. Keep in mind the more sun damage or redness you have, the more treatments you may need. The entire treatment takes about 30-45 minutes, and involves pulses of bright visible light and radiofrequency energy that are passed into the skin. Each pulse sends multiple types of energy into your skin that act synergistically to enhance the skin. “This energy helps with brown spots, blood vessels, and redness to gently lessen and eliminate.” The radiofrequency produces the collagen and elastin deep in the skin in the subcutaneous layer, to result in a noticeable difference of texture and smoothing of fine to moderate lines.

With very minimal downtime, you can have treatments done at any time of the year. However, we do not recommend having this treatment in the summer. It is difficult for people to stay out of the sun, and by having sun exposure it can reverse the effects of your treatment and is dangerous to perform on recently tanned skin. To make this treatment last we also INSIST that you wear an SPF at all times. This will protect your beautiful skin and make your results more lasting. Nothing lasts forever, but at White Tea we like to think your results will.

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