A perfect hyrdrating facial

hydro micro

I have oily skin and the summer weather is especially cruel to me. So I asked one of our incredibly skilled estheticians for help. She recommended a facial. Not just any facial though, a hydro microdermabrasion facial with a light peel. It was just what I needed and trust me you need one too as it works for all skin types. It consisted of a diamond tip wet microdermabrasion with a vacuum massage providing intense hydration and gentle exfoliation. Why else do you want this? It helps reduce fine lines, blemishes, and hyper pigmentation. Doesn’t that sound good? Of course it does, and you will be so radiant, you will make the sun look dull. On top of your glow you will have hydrated, clearer and smoother skin. We all could use that right about now. So if you’re looking to shine bright like a diamond, this is a guaranteed way. Aren’t we all looking for a pick me up?

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