Optimize your Endermologie Treatments!

Endermologie is an FDA approved technology which is highly successful for cellulite/inch reduction. It helps reduce unwanted sagging skin, lifts, and helps sculpt and shape your body into an even figure, all while you enjoy the relaxing treatment.

Endermologie is very beneficial to both men and women, helping to sculpt legs, arms, pecs, love handles, and the whole abdominal area. These are places on the body that diet and exercise can’t always fix. Here at White Tea Med Spa, we can help enhance your body and help target those areas that need a little extra help.


The Endermologie process uses a machine with suction and mechanical rollers. It is comparable to a full body massage, with treatments lasting 35-40 minutes. Our skilled technicians maneuver the rollers over the body, concentrating on your individual problem areas. The process pushes fluid out from between fat lobes, and then lays them back down in a flat, even layer.


When a client commits to the amount of treatments recommended by our technicians, they will see progressive, noticeable and remarkable results. However, it is important to maintain a moderate exercise regimen and maintain normal daily activities to help improve and optimize your results. With Endermologie, there is no downtime, so you can get right back to your normal daily routine. It is also important to continue a vigorous water intake, drinking the recommended dosage of water per day, along with eating fresh and non-preserved foods. Following a healthy lifestyle will help you get the most out of your Endermologie treatments, and you will not only feel healthy, but you will look healthy too….And we are here to help! Call us at White Tea Med Spa today, and book your first appointment!

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