No Downtime with VelaShape!


In this day and age, everyone seems to be on the run. Students, busy mothers, and workers everywhere seem to have very little free time, and they are all in a rush to get somewhere fast. Most people don’t have a lot of time to relax, nor do they have time for cosmetic procedures that require a long recovery period.

This is why VelaShape was designed to help you achieve all your needs in a safe and non-invasive way with no downtime at all. VelaShape is the original and only non–surgical FDA approved medical device for cellulite reduction and body reshaping which features the ground-breaking Elos technology, allowing you to comfortably, safely, and painlessly achieve a toned, contoured, smooth and evenly shaped body. VelaShape treats not only the deeper tissue but the upper layers of the skin as well. This reduces layers of fat, circumference, and the appearance of unwanted cellulite. VelaShape is 100% non surgical, which is why many people are opting to take this route.

People are more apt to book treatments that require no downtime, and with VelaShape, these treatments are also comfortable, relaxing, and deliver very noticeable results. Most patients find VelaShaps treatments to be easy and calm – like a warm deep tissue massage, followed by a deep heating sensation beneath their skin. Since people have different sensitivity levels, our skilled technicians here at White Tea MedSpa work to accommodate your individual comfort.

Following your VelaShape treatment, your treated skin may feel tighter and warmer because of the applied heat. Again, VelaShape requires no downtime, so you will be free to easily engage in your regular activities immediately.


Call us at White Tea Med Spa, and book your first VelaShape appointment today!

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