Men Need Pampering, Too!

Valentines Day for Men

This Valentine’s Day, treat a special man in your life to a little tender loving care. Men of all ages and all lifestyles need to de-stress just as much as us, women. Show him you care by giving him the gift that keeps on giving; a gift that you will both benefit from; a gift that he wouldn’t get for himself. No, no, I am not referring to the shirt pictured above. I am talking about the gift of rest and relaxation. For example:

Tickets to See His Favorite Team

Whether his team is playing now or a few months from now, send him and one of his friends to a live game. Guy time is essential in a healthy relationship, and you’ll get bonus points for acknowledging that. For the sports enthusiast, this is his perfect idea of pampering.

Check here for tickets.

Men’s Spa Day: Major HotTEA (For Men)

Excellent for that manual laborer in your life, or the man who carries tension in the shoulders and/or back, this package combines a forty minute hot stone massage, a forty minute back facial, and a forty minute facial. He’ll come out feeling refreshed and renewed with skin as soft as a baby’s bottom you won’t be able to keep your hands off of him!

For sale here at The White Tea Med Spa.

Alone Day

A reprieve from the stress at work, the anxiety of paying bills, the constant need to be the “fixer” of everyone’s problems, a day just to himself will do wonders! Is he a snowboarder or skier? Being alone on the slopes will be his idea of heaven. You can buy a day pass here. Maybe he’s a TV fanatic. Buy him a series of his favorite show (there’s a good selection here) and don’t judge him when he wants to spend the whole day in bed watching each episode back to back. As a matter of fact, bring him breakfast (and maybe lunch, too) in bed to show him that he deserves it!

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