Men Have Skincare Needs Too!

In today’s society, it’s not always in the social “norm” for men to take care of themselves in the way women do. Women tend to indulge in more lavish health treatments, such as manicures, pedicures, spa treatments, and so on—but they are doing this because they want to take care of themselves and feel good from the inside out. This is something everyone should be doing. Even though it can get a bit expensive to treat yourself at times, a price tag cannot be placed on your health. Now, you don’t typically see men at the salon, spa, or anywhere where they could be caught getting “pampered”, but sometimes men just need a little education on why they should change their minds. Men have needs too, especially when it comes to caring for their skin!

A man’s skin is different than a woman’s because their skin is thicker, and they often have oilier skin and larger pores than women. Because men aren’t typically known for taking care of their skin as frequently as women, their skin can get pretty polluted, leaving them prone to blackheads and breakouts. Men do a lot of work outside in construction areas on dusty and dirty streets and places where the air isn’t very clean, so a lot of men end up with clogged pores, mostly on the nose and forehead area.  If they’re not working in construction, maybe they are doing a lot of heavy lifting causing them to perspire. Even business men wearing suits, who aren’t overly active, can be prone to acne, and breakouts as well simply based on their skin type alone. Men also sweat more than most women, leaving them prone to even more clogging of the pores.

The best, safest, and most effective way for men to clean these clogged pores is by maintaining a skincare regimen of their own, and by having a skilled aesthetician remove their dead skin cells, clean deep into their pores, and rejuvenate their skin with a professional facial treatment.

men facial

Having healthy skin is very important for both men and women, and when it comes to their health, men should take the initiative, even if there’s a slight stigma to it. Plus, a facial is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience that both men and women can enjoy. So if you’re thinking that a man in your life is due for his first facial, you can begin by purchasing a gift card from us at White Tea Med Spa for our signature Mister TEA Men’s Facial treatment. He will definitely be thanking you once he begins to see his notable results!

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